Can you tell a book by its cover?

Designer Andrew Earley can. For independent authors, a great cover design does more than ever before to set you apart from the often amateurish and poorly designed work that gives self-publishing a bad name. A real master of graphic impact, color and eye-catching visuals, he will work with you until your cover, ebook and print formatting is everything you imagined and more. His work is used by a number of New York publishing houses, agents and international publishers for everything from covers to catalogs, tip sheets, flyers and promotional materials. Included here are just a few examples but he's clearly a guy on top of his game. So give us a call and see what he might be able to do for you!.
Need a book trailer?
We can do that, too!
Create some buzz around your titles with compelling visuals, awesome soundtracks and concise plot summaries. Unlike many other trailer producers, we take the time to actually read your books and materials so we know how to present them in the best possible light to capture the attention of readers, reviewers, press and fans everywhere! So whether it's a single title, a series, or a stand alone promotion, call us. We can help! Check out youtube for other examples!